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68 Ocean View.jpg

Ocean View





39° 11' 32.370" N   /   74° 44' 36.018" W



2  |  23A


This was only our second location visit, back before the project had really even been established as a "thing" we were doing. Our goal was focused more on finding the place name in text than really trying to get a feel for the area, so the local fire company seemed like a good spot to document. Curiously, Ocean View actually has no view of the actual ocean— most of it lives to the west of the Parkway, and its eastern edge fades off to marshland and Sea Isle City which serve to conceal any glimpses of the Atlantic.

But all is not lost! Ocean View is home to Ludlam Island Brewery, a great little spot with some inventive beers— even as seasoned beer snobs, we think their Reuben Gose may be the perfect pairing to a heaping pastrami from Harold's up north.

As the project matured, we decided to head back to Ocean View to grab a new photo at Ludlam. Weather was not on our side and our selfie skills were clearly lacking on this day, so the original shot stays.



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