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48 Mount Misery.jpg

Mount Misery





39° 55' 0.162" N   /   74° 31' 6.252" W





Okay, for real, we're not fucking around here. Take our below notes with great caution and consideration. This could have truly been miserable, but the weather and luck were on our side here.


This was hands-down one of our favorite Stomps, and was borne from what looked to be an extremely disappointing visit. Once called Mount Misericordia by the original French Huguenot settlers in the 1700s (for "Mountain of Mercy") and eventually shortened through history, Mt. Misery is pure New Jersey Pinelands and currently the home to a Methodist retreat camp.

Leading up to our visit, I did some online scouring and saw that the camp had a big wooden sign at their entrance— perfect! An easy photo and we're on our way. However, as we peel off Route 70 and approach the camp tucked in the forest, I see the upright posts but no sign. It's gone, and there's no other plan. We drive just past the camp and reach the intersection you see in our photo; disappearing into the pines in both directions. We grabbed our photos and just chose a direction at random— they have to lead somewhere, right?

Asphalt gave way to packed sand, and before long our sporty little Volvo wagon was cutting through sand pits and coming to six-way intersections of narrow sand roads deep in the forest. We were guessing on directions and fortunate to have dry ground, and were in love with being so far off the beaten path.

After some 45 minutes we emerged right outside of Whitesbog Village, and still reflect on how fun the drive was and how lucky we were the entire time.



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