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39° 46' 29.742" N   /   75° 24' 3.222" W





I'll try to keep this one brief— this one was really, really difficult to tick off our list.

Go ahead and pop this one into Google Maps.

Yep, there it is; in a quiet corner of the state, smack in the middle of a marsh, the word "Jumbo". No roads. No structures. Just a name in the wetlands of Oldmans Township.

Naturally, our interest was piqued on this place simply because it seemed like there was nothing there, so we did some scouring online and found two exceptional informational forums about Jumbo:
A thread on the New Jersey Pine Barrens forum, and

A Parker Gun post containing old family photos from Jumbo

(photos are shared below, borrowed from user Don Mills)

So, now we knew that Jumbo WAS a real place, and made sense as a community of duck hunting shacks, but we had to figure out how to actually get there.

We loaded up kayaks with an idea to find a launch spot and headed out, but we were attempting this a week after Hurricane Ida flooded much of central Jersey. Let's just say that, standing on the bank of our intended departure spot, kayaks quickly became a non-option.

After lots of driving in circles and an eventual mile-plus hoof on yet another hot ass day, we arrived at a bridge crossing right past the old Jumbo site and were able to capture this image while avoiding the thousands of spotted lanternflies harassing us the entire time.



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