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Double Trouble





39° 53' 47.670" N   /   74° 13' 18.432" W





Nestled in the Pine Barrens, this State Park has a history of lumber production going back to the 1770s; its unusual name has a couple origin stories passed through the years, though the widely known legend (told to us by the park ranger) was something akin to this:

Muskrats gnawed at the dam, causing it to leak. When leaks were found, the alarm went out, "Here's trouble" and one day two breaks occurred, causing someone to shout, "Here's double trouble!" 


The name stuck, and a village containing homes, a sawmill, school, and a handful of other buildings was built to support the lumber industry. In 1904, the property was bought and given dual purpose as the Double Trouble Company— the sawmill kept running, and the cleared land became the perfect spot for cranberry bogs.

The property was purchased by the State of New Jersey in 1964 and is currently a publicly accessible park with hiking trails, kayak launch points, and the preserved Double Trouble village. Guides and Rangers offer tours through some of the buildings, and while an exhibition of cranberry farming was stopped back in 2012, it remains a most interesting spot to visit.

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